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The NWI Vipers introduce a "First of a Kind" Football Camp

The Vipers have, for many years, put on a preseason football camp for the young athletes of the area to get re-accustomed to the high intensity training that the game of football commands. This camp has historically been run by the well trained and very knowledgeable Viper Coaches; Coaches, that have also become a commodity for high schools wanting to bring new, skilled, and proven coaches into their programs, and though the Viper's camp is usually attended by mostly kids from their own communities, it is often, also, attended by kids from our surrounding communities. Kids who will inevitably go play for their own city youth organizations and will eventually go on to compete at their own city's high schools.

This insight has had me thinking for many years now how our area's youth organizations and High Schools have greatly benefited from our camps, as well as, our Viper Traditions and training. I am fortunate to have been working with the Vipers for many years now, and enjoy having the first sights at would be future High School Stars. I've always thought how great of a sight it would be and how beneficial it would be for the youth, and the local Varsity programs , if they could put aside their rivalries for one day, to collaborate and consolidate their knowledge of the game for the benefit of our Football youth. Kids would have a first viewing of what Varsity Coaching would look like, and Varsity Coaches would have a first view at their future students, and/or competition. More importantly however, this would give all participants a better perspective to the importance of community. Having only been a coach for the Vipers in the past, this fantasy had always, only, been a daydream. That is until now.

Being a long time Resident, Coach , and Community Organizer for Hammond, I've come to understand that "Community" is not reserved to a radius of 5 miles. This is the main reason why, as new President, I changed the name of our organization to The NWI Vipers Football and Cheer Club; to fall more in line with what my views of community are. Alongside this change, I have also come into a position to turn daydream into reality. This is why , in recent weeks, I have extended invitations to our surrounding Varsity Football Programs to unite for 2 days and collaborate and consolidate their skills and knowledge as Guest Coaches, at our Viper Football Camp, which I have proudly renamed THE NWI Football Camp. To date, we have received commitments to attend from Lake Central, Morton, Whiting, and Bishop Noll High Schools. We have also gotten a commitment from, Nationally Recognized, Mount Carmel High School, in Illinois, with many other schools looking to join before the Camp date. This is the first time, to my knowledge that this many High School Football Programs have come together to coach at one camp.

The Camp will take Place July 17th and 18th and will feature Speed, Agility and Skill training , as well as a few fun competitions and chalk talks from our Guest Coaches. The NWI Vipers will provide Event Shirts, Drinks and Food. The event is open to all kids from ages 9-15 and will be $30 to attend. Registration will be online only at

I am very honored to have gotten this interest and participation form these programs and hope to have along standing professional relationship with our honored guests and am very eagerly anticipating this chance to show the NWI that our community is bigger than they think. I hope that the area youth football players and organizations take this rare and special opportunity.

Adan Torres


NWI Vipers Football and Cheer.

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