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American Football Player

How do I become a Viper?


(Weight for Football Only!)

Super-Peewees: 5-7 Yrs / Under 95lbs

Peewees: 8-9 Yrs / Under 125lbs

Widgets: 10-11 Yrs / Under 150lbs

Juniors: 12-14 Yrs / Under 195lbs



(+100 Raffle Ticket Fundraiser)

Super-Peewees thru Widgets = $200.

Juniors= $50.


Supers thru Widgets = $160.

Juniors = $50 

Register Online or at one of our Sign-ups!

(in person sign-up dates can be found on our Facebook Page and the Home Page to the website!)

Thank you for registering for the NWI Viper 2022 Season!
Online Registration is no longer available. 
Please visit us at one of our registration dates below.

Thomas Liptak 

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