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Coach Adan Torres to become New Viper President

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

With the announcement of Jim Knight's retirement as president of the Hessville Vipers, he has approached Coach Torres with great confidence to pass the torch and keep the Vipers mark on this community going for years to come.

"For those who don’t know me, My name is Adan Torres and I have been the Head Coach for the Juniors for the last 3 seasons. I have worked with the Vipers for about 10 years on and off. My son has played from peewee level through the Juniors. He is now a Sophomore in High School. I have had the extreme pleasure of Coaching Football to some degree or another for the last 20 years at almost every level. I started Coaching at18 and have specialized in Offensive and Defensive Line Skill advancement. I have held coaching positions at multiple area public schools at the Middle School, Freshman, and Varsity levels. I have also run multiple Linemen Tutoring Programs and have run a group called The Alums for 10 years The Alums were a group of Alumni Football Players playing Fundraiser Games on Thanksgiving to help supply School’s football programs and gather food for area shelters. We’ve had multiple News Publications write stories about us. I am fortunate to still be acquainted with many of the athletes who I have coached over the years and am lucky to call some of them my friends.

Throughout my years of coaching, I have managed to stay in the NWI area. I did this because I believe in the people of this area. I believe that every athlete involved in a sport is an athlete that will not be involved in gangs and drugs. I believe that Sports teach children lessons that they will use for the rest of their lives. I believe that there is no better way to teach inclusiveness, cooperation and unity, than participating in a team sport. I believe that training the body and mind with routine and discipline are the keys to successful futures and I believe that given the right motivation and tools, any person can achieve any goal.

I am honored to have been chosen to become the new President of the Vipers and in an effort to become more inclusive to our area we have decided to Rebrand our Organization while keeping our rich history and traditions, but most importantly, in homage to those who have given selflessly to this Club, we introduce the NWI VIPERS!

Please help me in welcoming our new Viper Board Members. Bryan Luchene- Vice President, Andrea Butler- Secretary. Mirna Rios- Treasurer. Felipe Vega- Head of Sponsorship and Promotion. Sherri Nealis- Head of Fundraising. Eric Humphrey- Equipment Manager, Tracy Caldwell Director of Coaching, Bill Johnson, Director of Relations, and Jatwon Copps Johnson, Member at Large. I know the Vipers are in good hands with these people by my side.

I am deeply humbled by the gesture of confidence given to me by the Hessville Viper board and I will dedicate myself to bringing pride to this organization. Those who know me and have been acquainted with my style of coaching, know that my responsibility to these athletes as individuals, can not be topped. I am excited to bring new ideas and new methods of coaching to the Vipers. I have surrounded myself with people who share the same passion for these sports as well as for the mentoring of those entrusted to us. These people have been long-time friends of both the Vipers and me. We are more than ready to continue our long traditions of well-taught and disciplined NWI Football Players and Cheerleaders with safety always being our #1 priority. In this post-Covid-19 world where health consciousness is rightfully in the spotlight, we must remember that the best way to fight off sickness and disease will always be a healthy body through routine exercise and plenty of sunshine, so let’s get these kids playing and as always, Go NWI Vipers!"

Adan Torres President of the NWI Vipers

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