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Jim Knight Steps down as President of the Hessville Vipers

Some of you may have heard rumors about changes in the Hessville Viper Community. I’d like to spend some time addressing them. After decades of working to make the Vipers Football and Cheer Organization thrive, Jim Knight is stepping down as President of the Vipers, along with several of his Board Members.

Jim took over the Viper several years ago in an effort to keep the Club going. What some people don’t know is that if Jim had not taken over, the Vipers Program would have ended and many, many of our Athletes would have had to find other places for their Football and Cheer needs. We will forever be indebted to Coach Knight and his board for this. Now, it is Jim’s turn to formally retire from the Vipers. I would like to thank Mr. Knight and his Board for years of dedication to the Vipers. Happy Retirement!

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